Brush Cutters

Explore our high-quality Holzfforma Brush Cutters, produced by Farmertec. As an official dealer in Ontario, we offer products with a drive handlebar, trimmer head, and full harness. Compatible with Stihl and Husqvarna, available in bike or loop handle types. Features a Trimmer Head Auto Cut and a full harness.

Reviews our customers:

“I’m really impressed with the FF250 trimmer. I bought this to clean out some old overgrown fence lines and shelter belts on my property. Starts up 2 pulls cold and first pulled warmed up . I’m still breaking in the engine on third tank of gas . I will soon lean it out and set the carb with my pulse tach.I also have a g444 chainsaw that I’ve had for a year now . I have cut 8 cords with it with zero problem.”

“Bought 143IIR 2 months ago, brush cutter runs smooth and has a lot of power. All-3 inch samplings gone on my property.”

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