19.5 hp Diesel Wood Chipper WWD-720XT With Start Button


Meet our 19.5 hp Diesel Wood Chipper WWD-720XT, a powerhouse of efficiency and convenience. With a simple push of the start button, you can kickstart your wood chipping tasks with ease. The machine, boasting dimensions of 95″ x 43″ x 65″, is driven by a durable long-stroke  720cc diesel engine.

The chipper’s output chute stands at a height of 70″ and offers a rotation of 90 degrees. It can handle a chip capacity of 4.5″ for dried hardwood and 5″ for fresh-cut softwood. The machine is fitted with two reversible blades and an additional reversible anvil to ensure optimal chipping.

Our latest models employ pull & chip processing, where logs are loaded horizontally, and the blades on a drum pull and chip simultaneously. This method outperforms hydraulic feeding, which is costly and maintenance-heavy, and gravity feeding, which involves lifting trees and dropping them vertically down – a process that can be laborious especially for large heavy trees.

These chippers are built and tested in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. We primarily manufacture units for farmers or tree-removing companies. Most units are fitted with diesel engines as they perform better under heavy loads and are more efficient. In fact, they can fill the back of a pickup truck in less than an hour.

If you maintain these diesel engines, they will probably outlive you. All spare parts available: injectors, fuel pumps, recoils, starters, etc

The machine comes with a 2-year warranty. Pick up only!

The gear ratio can be changed to produce different fractions of chips, and the working RPMs can also be adjusted. This wood chipper is designed to cater to your wood chipping needs efficiently.

500cc, 550cc, 660cc, and 720cc models share the same chassis.

980cc, and 1250cc (yellow color) models have bigger and heavier chassis which are legal for hauling on on any hiways. We have VIN and paperwork for them, so they could be licensed at Ontario Service.

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Dimensions 95″x 43″x  65″

Dry Weight                     420


long-stroke 720cc Diesel Engine

Output Chute  Height      70″,  rotates  90 degrees

Chip Capacity                      4″ (dried hardwood), 5-inches fresh-cut softwood

Blades  2 reversible blades + 1 reversible anvil

Absolutely, our 19.5 hp Diesel Wood Chipper WWD-720XT is specifically designed to handle Canadian trees. With its robust construction and efficient chipping mechanism, it can easily process the variety of tree species found across Canada. Whether you’re dealing with the hardy Black Spruce of the boreal forest or the majestic Douglas Fir of British Columbia, this wood chipper is up to the task. It’s truly a machine built for the Canadian landscape.


Weight 420 kg


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