71cc Holzfforma G372XP PRO Chainsaw


Top Grade Chainsaw With 18 inch bar and chain.  With Walbro Carburetor Italy Tech Nikasil Cylinder Meteor Piston and Ring NGK Plug Double Bumper Strips. Carbon Fiber Cover. Carbon Fiber Sprocket Cover.  Caber Ring. Big Double Spikes.

Available in three colors: Gray, Blue and Orange

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  • Weight: 9 kg = 19.8416 lb = 317.4657 oz
  • Displacement: 71CC
  • Cylinder bore: 50mm
  • Max power speed: 11500 RPM
  • Fuel Mix: 2 stroke 25:1 (25 parts of unleaded fuel to 1 part of 2 stroke oil)
    Chain Type: 3/8″ , .058″
    Chain Sprocket: Standard 7 tooth 3/8″ pitch

  • Warranty: 6 month for home users and 3 month for commercial users
  • Warning! Run it as it. There will be no warranty if you change anyting!

Buying the chainsaw from us you may get Alaska Mill + 36inch bar + ripping chain with a discount.



Weight 9 kg


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