71cc Holzfforma Orange Dark Gray G444 Gasoline Chainsaw


G444 71cc Holzfforma Orange Gasoline Chainsaw Power Head With 18 inch Guide Bar and Chain Top Quality By Farmertec All parts are For MS440 044 Chainsaw. With Wrap Handle Bar.

Weight: 9 kg = 19.8416 lb = 317.4657 oz

  • Displacement: 70.7cc

  • Power: 4.0kw

  • Interchangeable Parts: MS440 044

  • This model has a ported muffler on it

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  1. Weight: The chainsaw weighs approximately 9 kilograms (which is approximately 19.84 pounds or 317.47 ounces).
  1. Displacement: It boasts a 70.7cc engine displacement, which indicates its power output.
  1. Power: The chainsaw delivers 4.0 kilowatts of power, making it suitable for various cutting tasks.
  1. Interchangeable Parts: The Holzfforma G444 is compatible with parts from the MS440 and 044 chainsaw models, allowing for flexibility and easy maintenance.
  1. Muffler: This model features a ported muffler, which can enhance performance and reduce exhaust noise.

In addition to its functional attributes, users often appreciate the Holzfforma G444 for its aesthetic appeal—it’s indeed a beautiful saw!

Weight 9 kg


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